About me


A warm welcome to my digital space! Briefly about me: As a passionate researcher and an expert in learning & development, I weave together a tapestry of experiences drawn from activism, community development, and literary pursuits.

Social Science Researcher

My focus is on understanding social movements through interdisciplinary and post-structuralist approaches. I take a Foucauldian perspective, which involves exploring the archaeology of knowledge and the genealogy of power. My current research ventures into the process of decolonizing knowledge from centralizing powers. In this quest, I critically analyze the pro-democracy, feminist, and LGBTQ+ activism and their prominence in my homeland, adopting a nuanced de/post-colonial lens.

Learning and Development Expert

Over time, I’ve channeled my leadership into local and regional non-profit organizations. I’ve pioneered diverse learning and development strategies, ranging from civic education projects to comprehensive management initiatives and detailed training sessions and workshops. As a seasoned trainer and facilitator, I’ve had the honor of organizing and conducting numerous educational projects. My decade-long expertise majorly centers around the empowerment and growth of young adults. I take pride in enriching their lives across varied subjects, such as democracy, human rights, and gender, through diverse educational platforms.

Literary Pursuits

Besides my research work, I’m also an author and translator. I wrote the novel “Monologue” and translated two books from English to Azerbaijani, highlighting my passion for literature and intercultural exchange.